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WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! i AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR GAME, THIS IS THE best game I've played in a long time!!! it is just clicks all the boxes!!! I just want to continue playing and playing, again and again!!! And I am a casual user, so this is the best you will possibly get :) Don not care about the music or anything else, just connecting those nodes :) THANK YOU!!!! LOVE IT !!!

How do you guys get to those numbers? I can't get past 100 :O

Nice! Can't read numbers after 1000. Maybe make game little faster after 300?

Very addictive, I love it ! The only thing is the glitches (at least I think so), if you get too many points (700~800 and more) the screen will seem a bit weird and you won't be able to read most numbers, also if you get a lot of points the difficulty becomes inexistent except for the reading part and a bit for the distance between the points but basically after 800 points the only way of losing is by giving up, my high score is 1223, and if you ever think about making a little update someday after the jam then is would be awesome.

Thank you for the helpful comment! There should be ways to fix that. Nice work with high score!

Overall  a classy game ! Complex gameplay combined with smooth graphics and a soothing music.  
You got style.
Thank you for making good games 

Thank you for playing!

WOW. This is so incredibly slick. The sound, animations and colors all work together to create a really cool and relaxing aesthetic. This game could have been really stressful, but because you went the extra mile on the art side, it becomes an almost meditative experience. Thank you!

Thank you for your kind comment! Glad you liked the game.