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I LOVE the Peter Max-style aesthetics!

What a lovely game. Great art style, must have been hard to layer sound like that. Cool feature how you can mess around with the sound board at the end too. Good work!

It's really good and there is no reason not to play this. But i just wish this game to be longer. I hope this is a sample for a bigger game

Awesome audio and visuals. I would appreciate more chances to decide but still, great work! 

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This was fantastic! Like I'm guessing was the case for some others, I thought there was no audio at first and was pleasantly surprised. Really loved the color palette and the design of the level, how everything is rendered. It gave the sketchy graphics a lot of charm and I appreciate you actually finishing it off in spite of it being a jam game. Good job!

We Enjoyed everything with this game! The music is soothing, the art is great, and length is just right. The ending with the soundboard was unexpected and nice surprise. Looking forward for future games from you guys. My partner and I enjoyed playing it together. 

really really nice art style x

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Love the art work and the music, the game experience is quite fluent under the topic, the console in the end is also fun to play with.

Here's my feedback on the game:

  • The art is great, especially the fading in of objects in the distance.
  • Nice music that changes over time.
  • The gameplay is quite limited; mainly just move up and down.
  • The submarine can go offscreen (x and y are not clamped).
  • There is no option to invert the y-axis (normally inverted in plane simulators).
  • The button in the main menu doesn't also function as a quit button.

Reminds me of Chillhop...and I LOVE CHILLHOP lol. Keep up the great work!!

how is this a gamejam game?! love everything about it. the silence in the beginning is a great touch.


How do you fullscreen the game?

Had fun with this!

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Really cool aesthetic, and nicely executed idea!  Nice job!

This is amazing and the best overall experience from LD45 so far! Would you consider expand and release the Sound Console itself as a separate tool/game? Great job!

Didn't say much in the video, but really wanted to commend you on both art and the soundtrack. I loved this experience so much. I hope this takes off to inspire you to do more. In a post Sayonara Wild Hearts world, Soundmarine would absolutely work!

Thanks for the video! Yeah, we love music-focused games.

BTW, we fixed the UI bug at the end.

cooh shader!

Outstanding visual style, but I ran into a bug where the player submarine was missing and I couldn't tell where I was going.


Thank you very much. Yeah, that happens (with many more other bugs).