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Great game, super relaxing, thanks for making it!

Wow, what a game! Congrats!

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I loved playing the game it was a lot of fun :)

Thank you for making the video!

Gameplay Video

reminds me of an interior design tv show. ;-)

This game is such a joy! I can't wait to see what else you guys come up with!

I really like the concept and that the difficulty increases at a fair pace. I messed up a few times but that was due to my haste of trying to get rid of certain objects first at the wrong places. Would totally recommend it to people that love puzzle games!

# spring cleaning

The visuals and audio are very atmospheric! Thanks for releasing!

Thank you for the review!

This game is so unique and I love the puzzle idea. I can see this game be a big hit, you guys should try to promote the game more!

Yes, we are going to develop it somehow. Thanks!

A wonderful concept executed with aplomb. The difficulty ramps up at a good rate, and I found each room distinct enough to keep me engaged for the ~25 minutes it took me to complete. Full review included below:


Thank you very much for your video!

Thank you very much for the great game! Keep on keeping on :)

I played it couple times now and i enjoyed it every time. Love the art, music and the mood. Everything just fits perfectly. I hope you guys keep working on it, would love to see and play more of it :) Great job!

Thank you Waldemar!

very interesting in the structure of the game

loved this game but wish there was more levels, it has an amazing concept and sadly i only got to play it for 7 mins before i was done. definitely gonna get my friends to play this when they come over

Hey, good job! We are thinking of some new puzzle elements to add.

Dude, how did you make this. This is an exceptional game and i really recommend it.

(PS, Can you add an exit button?)

The idea is really much simpler than its implementation. If you'd like to know specific details, please e-mail us. The Exit button (and a few more fixes) should be done soon.

I really like the idea of the game! The later levels make you think, but i got stuck and i feel like i wasn't even halfway through!

Thank you for making the video!

This was a really cool idea and fun and hard, thank you!

I made an account only to tell you Bravo ! Your game is absolutly fantastic ! And i must admit that I am really envious, I wish I came up with an idea like that during previous jam haha

One of those little game you'll never forget !

Thank you very much! Let's see what will be the next theme, maybe you'll come up with a great idea.

Beautiful game, but i need the exit button :)

Well, that was quite a refreshing expirience for me. Interesting concept with huge potential!

Everything is nice about this game except when an item just accidentally vanishes because you line it up. Maybe add a bit more delay or some click function for when an item is in place. That way it won't vanish by mistake. Brilliant game!

That's a nice idea. We'll test it. Thank you!


love the concept and the vibe!

Happy you liked the game!

What a cool puzzle! Thanks a heap!

Thank you for playing!

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