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So impressed by this game, easy to play and understand a great deal of fun 

This reminds me of Superliminal in a way, challenging the player to see the world with a different perspective. Great game.

Just finished it, great game loved it!

It's a creative game that made me really think while turning around. It was surprisingly longer than I thought but while it made me a bit antsy I still had a lot of fun doing the puzzle, it really challenged my brain and made me use my braincells! Though I'm not a minimalist, in fact the opposite-- I appreciate the message and find it ironic how you guys are named DustyRoom yet the game is all about minimalist. Well, thank you for creating such a cool game!

Beautiful game.

loved this game! never seen a game thats like this before, its challenging, but never had me rage or get mad, it was always a simple puzzle, thats what i love about it! the colors and the soundtrack are very soothing as well!

Relaxing! Loved it!

I love the concept and art of this game, is beautiful

Love this game. Have played several times when I need to relax. Will there be updates or an Empty 2? 

Thank you for playing and digging Empty.. Not sure if there will be v.2, but we'd really like to do some kind of a continuation to this game.

i beat the game under 4 seconds

Awesome game.. loved how relaxing it is. Very well made. Thank you for sharing.



this is those games that get you addicted and wanting a part 2

I really love the game. It is a peaceful experience that I will recommend anyone to have in a chilling afternoon. The only flaw is that the music stops in the middle of the level.  Somehow I start loosing motivation and kills the vibe of the game (the music goes really well with the concept). I am sure this is an easy bug fix. Overall the game is really great!


i can't relax when the music is this loud

This game was so calming and nice to play. The soft drone of the music matches nice with the theme and tone of the levels. Thank you for the game 

Best game on so far!


This is a work of art!

Latest published Linux version package does not contain the "Empty_Data" directory.


Very calming and clever!


Really cool idea!

Awesome game! it's quite simple and it's very chill to play, i really enjoyed the game

chill game! really enjoyed it

What's with the pink triangle in every level?

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that's just a glitch

Just tried the new version, to see how it runs on Linux, and it's fantastic. I look forward to replaying this with the new additions you've made.

The only issue I have do I quit? I can exit the level, but then there's no clear way to leave the game entirely. I had to tab out and quit from the taskbar.

Thank you very much for playing!

I just completed the game. Thank you for coming back to this, it was a wonderful experience originally, but an even better one now. I will recommend it to my friends.


I played this games several years ago and i was looking for it since. you know your game is good when i can recollect it, years later.


As a huge fan of this game I gotta say playing the demo for the upcoming game Moncage really feels like they ripped off your idea :-/

Everybody, try out Empty, it's has a beautifuly clever mechanic and is a really zen game!

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Nice idea and a relaxing mood. From a certain level on, the increase of the difficulty level felt uneven.


Really calming game - great art style and interesting mechanic. Following you for your next project!


Man, great great work, really liked this game (and music!) <3


Great work, we love it!


Polished, nice vibe, and above all, an amazing and really inovative puzzler that does the whole "3 dimensional prespective change as a central game mechanic" in a new and brilliant way. Really solid work!

Loved it! 

i love this puzzle and hoping that you make more of this :D


That game was the first one I played made by you guys, and it was a stunning experience. Not just the well working minimalistic art style, but also the game design itself were unbelievably good. I loved to figure out how I would have to rotate one room to be able to get rid of all the stuff in it. <3 That's why I didn't just write a praising article about your game and uploaded a little gameplay video of it, but also included it in our GOTY 2016 list. It was a great experience and it seems like many people thought that way, not without any reason did you win the 1st place with your game in the Ludum Dare 37! :) Well deserved, really. Congratulations for that!

Best wishes,


My game doesnt work properly :(

It doesnt show 3D models in this game for some reason

Coming home late after a trip, tired as all hell. This game was a wonderfully bad choice. It is so calming, relaxing and almost hypnotizing. I absolutely loved it but was struggling to say lucid enough to continue playing. I would definitely recommend to relax at the end of a stressful day.


This game is so therapeutic, I highly reccomend this in place of a therapist :D

It would be great if you could have an undo button, but again I feel like that could take away the sense of serene accomplishment when you finally clean a room after ten tries...

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