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good game!

Great game. Some suggestions: pause the game after the player wins, provide a quit button and sometimes the exclamations appear if the trains are in close proximity even if no crash is imminent/possible. Love it.

Love the art style! I played it on macos but the UI scaling was wrong, i added a screenshot to this post. Otherwise it worked fine :) lived the Swedish style and ikea stuff very well done. Lovely calm atmosphere! I also made a game with the idea that you can play it at your own pace i would love to hear what you think!

Also really like the detail that the mouse has a little light on it while moving around chancing the houses slightly and i was so surprised i could turn the camera, very cool especially with this art style! The only think i did not get was why i won a level. Felt like it was over for no reason at all, maybe some missing UI (i could not see) or some indication i was close to the end would be nice. Now it feels super out of the blue. Other then that, very nice :D

(the game view seemed fine, just the starting menu's where like this)

saw this game advertised in a gaming magazine, it looks really cool

I like trains.


Amazing! Coming from Mini Metro, I loved the graphics, minimalistic style, unobtrusive yet beautiful soundtrack. Hope you guys can continue improving Spårvagn, you got a new fan!


What an art style... loving it.. more levels & features please...

Nice game!


Nice game, the presentation is great!

Great game of strategy and nice art! It is in my Top 5 of this week!

Check my video!

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Thank you for spotlighting the game!

that's really nice art style.